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Providing Electrical Inspections in Southern Ontario

Approximately 30% of all property losses have root cause associated with an electrical deficiency. Electrical inspections are essential to help identify these before such failures occur. At Heat Seekers, we can inspect, your commercial property, manufacturing facility and your condominium complex. Infrared Scanning is all we do! Hiring an independent and unbiased infrared consultant might not seem like a necessary investment, but this is our only business!

That’s why at Heat Seekers Infrared Inspection Services, we strive to help you prior to equipment failure, help prevent unscheduled outages and assist to identify any critical loss exposures you may not be aware of at the time of your inspection.

Applications inspected which can result in equipment loss, business interruption and fire.

  • Incoming power from utility 

  • Substations 

  • Transformers 

  • Switchgear 

  • Bus and cable distribution 

  • Motor control centers 

  • Distribution panels 

  • Disconnects 

  • Server systems 

  • UPS systems

  • Generators

  • Transmission and distribution utility electrical scans


Heat Seekers can perform inspections for you to save you time and money not only using thermography but also airborne ultrasonic technology identifying ‘invisible’ threats such as tracking and/or corona. 


During the course of our inspection, our experienced technicians record visual conditions that could place your operation at risk. This simple additional service typically comprises over 13% of our findings. They were often the most important findings discovered during the inspection tour.

Photographic documentation of conditions of risk posing a hazard to business operations or company assets are recorded.

  • Physical damage or potential damage to electrical or mechanical equipment.

  • Improper storage of flammable materials in electrical rooms 

  • Blocked access to electrical equipment 

  • Abnormal conditions

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