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Utility and Transmission Line Inspections for Southern Ontario

Heat Seekers Infrared Inspection Services has proudly been serving local utility companies for over 40 years. Power line & utility infrared inspections are designed to locate potential electrical problems and assist utilities with eliminating failures in transmission, distribution and substation systems. 

Because of the vast distribution of these lines, they are accessed by our Heat Seekers ‘scan-van’ - a land-based vehicle fully equipment with pan-an-tilt roof mounted infrared equipment, sunlight filter telescopic lenses – and a ultrasonic parabolic dish set in motion. Inside the vehicle, are monitors, with multiple screens with an IR/visual viewing system for each finding observed and ultrasonic listening equipment for any tracking and/or corona that may be present.

Transmission lines are easily identified by the large tower structures and massive spans of lines observed along major streets and throughout the city and/or towns. These lines commonly transmit voltages at or above 69kV over long distances and they make up the main spine of a “power grid”. These lines generally start at power generation plants and supply power to transmission substations and switchyards and ultimately to distribution substations.

The Infrared Inspections of transmission and the distribution sector of overhead power line equipment ranging from lightning arrestors, transformers, breakers, switches, conductor connections, and capacitors by fully experienced utility Heat Seekers trained staff. Underground equipment, switchgear enclosures, pad mount transformers, and transformer vaults are also inspected.

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